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Established/artificial/sown or improved pasture:

This is pasture in which grasses and legumes are deliberately planted and managed by man to be fed on by livestock.

Characteristics of established pasture

  1. It contains high quality grasses and legumes.
  2. They are very nutritive and palatable to animals.
  3. Selected grasses and legumes are grown in adequate proportion.
  4. It can withstand trampling by farm animals.
  5. It is properly managed for high production of the forage crops
  6. It contains no weed except some shade trees.

Methods of the establishment of pasture and forage crops.

Factors to be considered before the establishment of pasture

  1. Adaptability of species
  2. Time of maturity.
  3. Life cycle of species.

Steps in establishing pasture

  1. Site selection.
  2. Clearing of land.
  3. Removal of debris.
  4. Cultivation of site by ploughing and harrowing
  5. Planting of pasture crops (grasses and legumes)
  6. Supplying missing stands
  7. Planting of legumes.
  8. Cut back grass to promote tillering.
  9. Weeding: It should be done at regular interval, especially at early stages of the pasture.
  10. Application of manure or fertilizer by broadcasting at recommended rate.
  11. Irrigate the land in area with low rainfall.
  12. Paddocking: Divide the pasture into paddocks for good management.

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