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Sub topic 1

Meaning of processing and products

Animal products refers to things or materials produced or obtained from farm animals for the purpose of human needs. Processing of animal products is an organized series of actions that produces the desired animal product. Processing of animal products is important because all the products from the animal cannot be consumed raw. Processing of animal products improves their nutritional quality and also elongates their shelf life, thereby giving room for their transportation from points of production to any part of the world where they may be needed.

Animal products

Animal products can be grouped into two:

  1. Primary products: These are products derived from the animal and consumed directly with little or no processing e.g. eggs, meat, milk, etc.
  2. Secondary products: These are products derived from primary products which are converted to other products e.g. egg powder, milk powder, whey, burger, burger etc.

Animal and their products

Animal                                         Products

Cattle                                          meat, milk, skins

Poultry                                       meat, eggs, and feathers

Pig                                               pork, lard, and skin

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Sheep                                         meat, wool, and skin

Goat                                            meat, milk, and mohair

Rabbit                                        meat, pelt, and skin

Grass cutter                              meat

Snail                                            meat


Animal products have some deficient characteristics which include:

  1. Perishability
  2. Easy contamination
  3. Infection and degeneration
  4. Transportation and distribution difficulties

Processing techniques for different animal products

Egg products

An egg is a product of poultry considered to be a complete diet. An egg is rich in protein, iron, and fat. Vitamin C is the only vitamin absent in an egg. An egg is 55%albumen and 45% yolk by volume or weight.

Uses of eggs

  1. For human consumption as boiled, scrambled, poached, or fried as omelette.
  2. As a component of other food e.g. cake, pancakes, egg rolls, baby foods
  3. For the production of vaccines

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