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Reproductive system includes all the organs and tissues concerned with reproduction in animals. Reproduction in animal is the ability in animals to give birth to young ones.

Viviparous because they bear their young ones alive. Poultry birds on the other hand are oviparous because they produce their young ones by hatching eggs in incubation period.

Sub-Topic 1

The Male Reproductive Organ

The male reproductive organ is made up of the primary sexual character and the secondary sexual character. The primary sexual character is made up of the testis (testes) while the secondary sexual character consists of the scrotum, Cowper’s gland, prostate gland, seminal vesicle, urethra, penis, vas deferens and spermatic duct.


Testes: it secretes spermatozoa

Scrotum: helps to regulate the temperature of the testes at 40oC less than the body temperature of the animal.

Vas deferens: this is responsible for conducting the sperm from the epididymis to the neck of the urethra.

Epididymis: sperm is stored here for some time before it is used.

Seminal Vesicle: secrete certain fluids which are rich in food substances, the seminal fluid help in feeding the spermatozoa before fertilization takes place.

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Prostate Gland: secrete a prostate fluid which helps to inhibit urine formation during copulation and ejaculation

Cowper’s gland: secretes Cowper’s fluid, which is alkaline in nature, it helps to reduce the acidity of the spermatozoa.

Semen: this is a mixture of the seminal fluid and spermatozoa.

Urethra: the narrow tract for transporting urine from the bladder it also transports semen into the reproductive tract of female animal.

Penis: the organ used in transporting/introducing the spermatozoa into the vagina

Copulation: this is mating between male and female animals.

Ejaculation: this is the release of spermatozoa by the male during copulation, it occurs at the climax of copulation.

Sub-Topic 2


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