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Respiratory system includes all the organs and tissues associated with the exchange of gases between the animal and its environment leading to the release of energy.

Sub Topic 1


  1. Aerobic respiration
  2. Anaerobic respiration

Aerobic Respiration

This is a form of respiration which takes place in the presence of oxygen.

C6H12O6    6O2    →    6C02       +            6H20     +              Energy

Glucose oxygen     carbondioxide        water

Anaerobic Respiration

This is a form of respiration which takes place in the absence of oxygen. When glucose is broken down, it releases lactic acid and energy in animals, but in the plant, the end product of anaerobic respiration are alcohol, carbondioxide and energy.

C6H12O6    → 2C2H5OH    + 2CO2            + Energy

Glucose         alcohol    carbondioxide

Sub Topic 2


During breathing, air flows from the nostrils to the pharynx to the larynx and to the lungs. This breathing activity leads to the movement of the rib cage known as the process of breathing.        This involves:

  • Inspiration/inhalation/breathing in
  • Expiration/exhalation/breathing out.

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