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 Sub-topic 3


Definition: A ration is the amount of total feed which is provided to an animal over a 24-hour period. It is the amount of feed taken by an animal per day.

Diet: This is the quantity of feed consumed by an animal at a meal or period.

Types of Ration: Ration can be classified into:

  1. maintenance ration
  2. production ration

Maintenance Ration: This a ration containing only sufficient that enables the animals to carry out normal life processes such as respiration, heartbeat, body movement and maintenance of good health without an increase or loss in weight. Such ration can be given to animals during rest period when they are not breeding. It can be given to non-lactating animals and unproductive culled egg laying birds so as to maintain their live weight until they are slaughtered or sold out.

Production Ration: This is the ration given to farm animals which enable them to produce. It is a ration that supplies animals with nutrients in excess of those needed for maintenance

Production Ration includes:

>lactating ration: is given to nursing mothers from the time of parturition to the time the young ones are weaned. It is very rich in protein

>Weaning Ration: This is a special type of ration given to very young animals that have just been weaned. It is high in protein and ingredients that easily digest. Young animals are highly prone to emaciation, disease attack or death at weaning. They are therefore given a special ration called weaning ration to enable them recover from their natural source of food supply (breast feeding).

The ration is made up of concentrates that are high in protein, vitamin and minerals.

>Pregnancy or gestation ration: It consists of……

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