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  • Marketing Functions
  • Marketing of Export crops in Nigeria
  • Problems of Agricultural Marketing


These are the activities of the various marketing agents on the farm produce to be offered for sale. They are otherwise known as marketing functions and services carried out before the produce reach the final consumer. These marketing functions are;

  1. Farm – level Processing: This is the immediate processing of farm produce after harvesting in readiness for market. For example, cocoa processing, drying of farm produce and cleaning of farm produce.
  2. Grading or Sorting:  This is the grouping of farm produce into various sizes, weights and quality for easy handling.
  3. Packaging:  This is the loading of farm produce into various packs and labeling of the graded commodities. It can be describe as the technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sales and use. Packaging contains, protects, informs and sells the product.
  4. Storage or warehousing:  This is the keeping of the farm produce in a store for a period of time before sales or export.
  5. Transportation:  This is the movement of produce from one location to another; that is from the store house to the market or port for exports
  6. Advertising:  This is the act of making the produce known to people. It is a process of creating awareness either through the radio, television or newspaper.
  7. Distribution:  This is the process of making produce available to reach the consumers.
  8. Financing:  This is the provision of funds to undertake marketing processes.
  9. Merchandising:  This is the act of exporting farm produce through the ports to overseas buyers or consumers
  10. Final Processing:  This involves the processing of some produce into their finished states suitable for consumption and storage.
  11. Assembling:  This is the act of re-gathering various produce brought from different sources or countries.
  12. Pricing:  This is the fixing of prices on produced goods.


Export crops are the crops that are produced locally and are exported to foreign countries in order to generate income for the country.

Examples of export crops and produce in Nigeria are Cocoa, Coffee, Rubber, Cotton, Palm kernel, Palm oil, Groundnut, Cassava, Kola, Kenaf, Tobacco, Benni-seeds, Ginger, Pepper, Garlic, Soybeans, Shea-nut, Cashew, Pineapple, Citrus, Timber-wood, Palm oil, etc

Importance of exporting Agricultural produce include

  1. It helps to generate foreign exchange for the Government
  2. It provides employment opportunities for many people

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