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It may be described as the transformation of raw materials such as agricultural, mineral, water and forest resources into arbcles or commodities for trade or human consumption. Manufacturing is imply the polices of turning raw materials into new products by using mechanical chemical processes.

Classification of Manufacturing Industries: Manufacturing industries in Nigeria can be grouped into three main categories:

  1. 1. LIGHT INDUSTRIES: Light industries are common in tropical African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana etc.

Factors Affecting Location of Industries

  • The availability of raw materials at a particular place e.g. limestone at Ewekoro is used in the production of cement at Ewekoro.
  • Industries tends to develop where there are people to buy the products.
  • Transport inform of roads or railway to move the finished products to the market and raw materials to the industries is very important.
  • There should be adequate supply of skilled men power and other categories of labour

Problems facing Industries in Nigeria

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