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Self – esteem is the judgement a person makes about himself/herself. It can also be referred to as the recognition of one’s qualities and abilities including values, goals, talents, worths, physical makeup and purpose in life. Self – esteem can be likened to self-respect.


There are two types of self – esteem

  • High self – esteem
  • Low self – esteem

HIGH SELF – ESTEEM: This is an individual that can recognise his or her own strength and skill and can accept and acknowledge successes and achievements. An individual with high self – esteem responds confidently to challenges and problems, then practices positive thinking.

Characteristics of High – Self Esteem

  1. It involves believing in one self and having self confidence
  2. High self – esteem makes a person to accept his weakness and strength
  3. The person will respect and live himself and others
  4. Making one’s decision based in what one feels is right not what a friend may suggest is another characteristic.
  5. The ability to make decisions to face challenges and cope with them

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