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Topic: Types and forms of Drama:

 CONTENT: Types of drama, Forms of Drama-


There are two basic types of drama namely:

  1. Scripted
  2. Non-scripted.

Scripted means a written play while non-scripted means an unwritten play.


  1. Comedy,
  2. Tragedy,
  3. Mask Drama,
  4. Dance Drama,
  5. Musical Drama-(Opera),
  6. Dramatized Drama,
  7. Mime

COMEDY: This is a drama that is funny and humorous. Examples are “the new Masquerade”, Papa Ajasco” and “osofia in london” .

TRAGEDY: This is the opposite of comedy. This is a serious drama (play) with a sad theme. It involves a heroic struggle that ends sadly. Good examples are: dramatized versions of ‘Things fall apart’ by Chinua Achebe and the gods are not to blame by Ola Rotimi.

MASK DRAMA: This refers to a drama where all the actors and actresses perform in masking tradition. Example is “the lion king’, a popular cartoon series which is the theatre version of the work.

DANCE DRAMA: Refer to a drama in which the actors and actresses perform or convey their messages in a dancing manner.

DRAMATIZED FOLKTALES: This refers to folktales (stories from old traditional people) being dramatized so as to convey messages to the society. Some examples of folktales which are dramatized are lullabic songs for babies to sleep. An example in Igbo: “Nwanta rah ura, rah aura kannegilota….” (Baby sleep, sleep your mother will soon come back.)

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Omo mi, ma sunkun mo

Se bi mo ti be o leekan

Se be mi ni mama re

Omo mi ma sunkun mo. (My child weep no more, mother beg you, weep no more.)

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