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Textile design is the art of producing and decorating fabric material using elements of design like colors, and motifs to form design pattern on the fabric.

Types of Textile Design.

  1. Weaving
  2. Embroidery
  3. Appliqué
  4. Textile print
  5. Tie and Dye
  6. Batik

Materials and tools used in Textile design.

Dye, Caustic soda, Sodium hydro-sulphite, Raffia    or twine, candle or wax, starch and alum, Tjanting tool,   


It is a commercial art which service our visual communication system in producing designs like Book cover, Poster, greeting cards, 3-dimentional products like bottles and label, packages etc.

Graphic design or graphic art is a method of communication with visual pictures or illustration.

Example of graphic design

Advertising and publicity design, Book Illustration, Graphic reproduction, Photography, Cinematography, Industrial Packaging Design.

Graphic design materials

Graphic design media/materials are,

  1. Pencils 2B, HB, H Series.
  2. Pen and Ink
  3. Poster color Set
  4. Charcoal
  5. Fixative
  6. Pastel
  7. Crayons
  8. Tracing paper roll
  9. Paper Gum
  10. Cartridge Paper

Graphic design tools are:

  1. Sable brush
  2. Drawing board with T. Square
  3. Drawing Table
  4. Palette
  5. Ruler
  6. Set Square
  7. Photographic enlarger
  8. Tracing board or light box table
  9. Calligraphic pens.
  10. Masking tape and cellotape


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