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Functions of Drama

The roles of drama ranges from instructive, educative, informative, entertaining, therapeutic, social and cultural to religious and political experiences.


  1. It enables us to learn about ourselves, our society and about life in general.
  2. It teaches us to reflect on life’s actions and experiences
  3. It exposes life’s actions and experiences through performances on stage.
  4. It encourages us to choose the good and discard the bad aspects of life.


  1. It teaches tolerance among people i.e. people learn to accept each other.
  2. It teaches co-operation among people.
  3. It inculcates in people the ability to express themselves.
  4. It serves as a guide against future occurrence of bad behavior in the society and thus encourages good character.


  1. It is a means of enlightening the people on the social and moral value of the society.
  2. It gives important information about the society from the past to the present.
  3. It highlights the consequences of social vices such as drug abuse, cultism, examination malpractice, tribalism, corruption (419), fighting, stealing, raping, kidnapping, indecent dressing, impersonation, armed –robbery, bribery, favouritism, child abuse, etc.


  1. People derive pleasure and their feelings are aroused when they watch drama.
  2. It helps in creating fun and relaxation.
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  1. Drama is a source of relaxation for people. When people watch drama, they tend to forget their past ugly experiences for the moment. This will relax their nerves.
  2. It helps to build and develop confidence in people.
  3. It encourages self- realization.
  4. It heals broken emotions

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