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Elements of Drama:

The elements of drama are units that make up dramatic actions. These elements include:

  1. plot,
  2. character,
  3. thought,
  4. diction,
  5. music and
  6. spectacle.

Plot: this simply means the step by step arrangement of events in a story. In a plot or plan of a story, there is a beginning, middle and an end; one thing leads to the other until a resolution is reached. There are however different types of plot such as simple, complex and compound.

Character: A character is he who makes things happen and there could be more than one character in a story. They reveal the plot to the people.

According to Aristotle, there are four qualities of a character. These are:

  1. The character must be good.
  2. The character must show propriety.
  3. The character must be true to life.
  4. A character must be consistent.

There are two types of characters in acting, the round character and the flat character. A round character shows all aspects of human life. He is unique and able to change in any situation. A flat character shows only one aspect of human life.

Thought: This means the theme of the play or subject matter. To know the theme of a story, we must ask what its major purpose is or what it reveals about life.

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Diction: This refers to the writer’s choice of words. It is the language of the play’s characters when the actors speak.

Music: It refers to the sound effects and tonal pattern of speech. (the tonal sound effects include pitch, rate, rhythm, volume, enunciation, articulation etc.) the combined effects of these can give the play an added beauty.

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