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Definition and importance of marketing

Agricultural Marketing involves all the stages of operations which aid the movement of agricultural produce/commodities from the farms to the final consumers. Marketing involves assembling, storing, transporting, processing, grading of goods and financing of all these activities. It also involves the supply of raw materials to processing industries and sales of processed products.

Importance of livestock marketing

  1. Marketing ensures availability of seasonal products at off season.
  2. It creates a link between Farmers and the final Consumers.
  3. Marketing locates areas of surplus products and relocate the excess products the areas of shortage.
  4. It leads to the creation of employment to the agents involved in marketing
  5. Marketing encourages healthy competition among producers which leads to improvement in quality of livestock produced.
  6. Marketing motivates the farmer to produce more.
  7. Marketing helps to determine the prices of goods and services through forces of demand and supply under the open market system.
  8. Marketing provides income from export trades which provides foreign exchange for importation of agricultural machineries and inputs.
  9. It helps to prevention of wastage of agricultural products
  10. It stimulates the government to provide infrastructure like roads, water, storage facilities, etc.
  11. It makes goods produced in the rural areas to be readily made available in the urban areas where  goods are not usually produced
  12. It enables producers to determine and know the consumer’s taste
  13. It ensures prompt sales of agricultural produce which increases the farmers’ revenue and profit
  14. It stimulates researches into the techniques of food preservation and preparation to meet the consumers taste.
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Stages of marketing

  1. Farm level processing
  2. Grading and sorting
  3. Packaging
  4. Storage and warehousing
  5. Transportation
  6. Advertisement
  7. Merchandising (pricing, market survey)
  8. Assemblage

Common marketing channels/agents in livestock marketing

Marketing agents are the people or corporate bodies that are directly or indirectly involved in free flow of farm produce from the Farm to the consumers. The following agents perform different functions in the marketing of livestock products.


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