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Parturition: Parturition is an act of giving birth in farm animals. It marks the end of pregnancy when the child comes out of the body of the female animal. It marks the beginning of lactation. The act of parturition varies with farm animals.

Cow Calving
Sow Farrowing
Ewe Lambing
Doe(Goat) Kidding
Doe(Rabbit) Kindling

Sub-Topic 1


  • Enlargement of mammary gland
  • Vulva swells and becomes soft
  • Thick mucus discharge
  • Animal urinate frequently
  • Animals build nests and beds
  • Loss of appetite
  • The animal becomes restless, lies down, and gets up frequently.

Lactation: This is the release of milk from the udder of a female animal immediately after parturition. The milk contains immunoglobulin and antibodies for the protection of the young against diseases. It is under the influence of hormones such as oxytocin, oestrogen, prolactin, etc. Lactation or milk let-down can be increased, or if the female animal refuses to produce milk, the animal can be injected with oxytocin injection. It will make the animal to secrete milk.

Structure of mammary gland

Colostrum: This is the first milk produced immediately after the parturition/ delivery of the newborn animals. The first five days of milk production is essentially colostrum which all young ones must have access to.

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