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  1. Types of System Software explained
  2. Application Software (word processing, spreadsheet, graphics)

Subtopic 1: 

Types of System Software

  1. Operating system: This is a set of program that coordinates all the activities among computer hardware devices. It also contains instructions that allow users to run application software. When a user starts a computer, portions of the operating system (OS) load into memory from the computer’s hard disk. It remains in memory while the computer is on. The operating system provides a means for users to communicate with other software.

Examples of Operating System

  1. Microsoft Disk Operating System(MS-DOS)
  2. Windows OS
  3. Linux
  4. Unix
  5. Xenix
  6. Ubuntu
  7. Novell Netware
  8. MAC OS
  9. Symbian OS
  10. Palm OS
  11. JAVA etc.

Language Translator: The computer is like human beings that understands language and can also interact with the user. But the only language the computer understands is called machine language. This machine language is made up of only 0’s and 1’s. Humans do not use this kind of language but rather English language. When a computer program is written in English language form, it is said to be a High Level Language. Because humans must instruct the computer machine on how to carry out specific task, there is need for them to write programs that will instruct the computer machine. But humans cannot use machine language because it is very difficult to write a program in that language. Therefore, the language translator now helps to translate the program written in English language (high Level Language) into Machine Language (0’s and 1’s) for the computer to understand and then perform the task. A program written in high-level language is called source code while the program format it is translated into is called object code (machine code). To convert the source code into object code (machine language which is made up of 0’s and 1’s), Language translators are needed.

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