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The Reception Office:  Meaning and Description

The Reception Office

  • Meaning and Description of the Reception Office

The Receptionist:

  • Meaning, Importance and Qualities of a Receptionist

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The Reception Office: meaning and description. The reception office is defined as the office in the organization where all visitors to the organization are received.

Reception office is also that particular room in an organization’s premises or building where callers to that organization would first call and make inquiries in the course of visiting the organization.  It is the first port of call and from there, a visitor would receive information on where to go in achieving the purpose of his or her visit.  

The reception office is well-decorated and attractive in order to give the visitors a good impression about the organization. There is always somebody in the reception office to receive visitors to the organization. The person to meet in the reception office is referred to as a receptionist.

The Receptionist: Meaning

The Receptionist is someone employed to receive and formally welcome visitors or business associates to an organization. He is the first person a visitor sees immediately after he or she enters into an organization.

Importance of a Receptionist

  1. A Receptionist creates the first impression to visitors about an organization
  2. He/ She is a representative of the organization
  3. A receptionist can provide the information the visitors need without referring them to other officials.
  4. He is considered as the face and the voice of the company.
  5. He acts as an ambassador by welcoming people, screening phone calls, setting appointments and directing visitors in an organization.
  6. A good receptionist creates a welcoming atmosphere for visitors; help to keep staff organized and serves as an information centre for employees and clients alike.
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Essential Qualities of a Receptionist

For a receptionist to perform his duties well and successfully, he/she must have the following qualities:

  1. A neat physical appearance
  2. Must be fluent in the use of English language and be able to communicate well.
  3. A pleasant manner while either welcoming visitors or handling telephone calls.
  4. A good knowledge and understanding of the people and the work they do in the organization in which he/she works.
  5. A good memory for names and faces so as to be able to welcome visitors personally.
  6. Patience to be able to bear with highly demanding visitors. A pleasant, smiling facial appearance is crucial here.

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