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Sub-Topic: operations on Wood

  • Veneers
  • Types of Manufactured boards – plywood, chip board, block board, etc.
  • Timber treatment and timber preservation methods.
  • Importance of timber treatment.

Sub-Topic 1  Veneers

Veneers : A veneer is a thin layer of sliced sheet obtained from wood. The thickness of the veneers ranges from 0.5mm – 3.0mm

Method of making veneers

  1. Rotary method
  2. Slicing method
  3. Eccentric method


  1. Rotary Method. The rotary method requires the wood to be steamed in other to loosen the fiber and make it easy to peel with knives attached to the lathe machine. With the lathe machine, large sheets of veneers can be produced and cut to marked sizes for commercial purposes.
  2. Slicing Method. The timber is safely attached to the slicing machine. The knife or the cutting blade on the machine will be set on the wood depending on the thickness of the veneer required. The thickness is set after every stroke. On switching on the machine, it slices the sheet of wood to the required thickness depending on the purpose of the veneer.
  3. Eccentric Peeling. In eccentric peeling method the log of wood is first cut into four parts each of which is called quarter log. Each log is placed on the lathe machine with the sapwood at the centre. The peeling of the veneer commences from the heartwood to the sapwood.
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Types and Manufacture of Laminated Boards

Laminated boards are manmade boards manufactured by man from veneers, wood waste, synthetic and impregnated paper bonds. Types and methods of manufacture of laminated boards are as follows;

Examples of Man-made boards.

  1. Plywood
  2. Particle board
  3. Laminated board

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