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WEEK:    ONE         

TOPIC: Revision of last term’s work (JSS ONE WORK)

The Teacher should use discretion, knowing areas most students are still having difficulties in last term’s work and re-teach or re-explain those areas within this week.

WEEK:   TWO        



  • First Aid Box and materials.
  • Application of simple First Aid

Sub-Topic I: First Aid Box and Materials

What is First Aid?

First aid is the emergency medical treatment given to a victim, who suddenly falls sick or injured before thorough medical treatment is available to him or her. OR First Aid is the immediate and temporary treatment given to a victim of an accident or sick person before professional medical care is available.

Current ISO (International Standard Organization) recommends the use of a white cross against a green background (or vice versa) as colours for identifying first aid kits.

Benefits of First Aid

  1. It prevents loss of life of the injured person
  2. It improves the vital signs of the patient such as breathing rate, temperature, pulse rate, etc.
  3. It assists the medical doctor with useful information.
  4. It immediately stops the worsening of the condition of the injured person

First Aid Box

What is First Aid Box? First aid Box is a box that contains all the materials that are needed for first aid emergency care.

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