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TOPIC:                                   TYPES OF CRAFT

  • Meaning of craft
  • Fabric craft
  • Paper craft
  • Carving craft
  • Woven craft

Meaning of craft

Crafts are manually produced objects meant to serve a particular purpose of human needs. They can also be called handicraft. This is so because the use of skilled hand is involved. They are usually produced with local materials. The person who makes craft is known a craftsman.

Fabric craft

These are crafts done with fabric material. It is also known as textile production. Methods of production could be by printing, weaving, tie & dyeing, batik and embroidery. Materials involve include fabric, loom, dye, textile ink, sewing machine, wax etc. Examples include

  1. woven clothes (aso-oke),
  2. tie-dye design,
  3. textile prints (Nigerian wax),
  4. Fashion design,
  5. Appliqué
  6. Embroidery
  7. Batik

Fabric crafts are common in Iseyin, Abeokuta, kano, Osogbo, Akwete, Adinkra and kente in Ghana.

Paper Craft

This is the shaping or building prototype of different geometric or basic shapes and sizes to form cuboids, pyramids, abstract sculptural figures etc. Some of these crafts involve the use of pulp mixed with starch.

Materials involve include scissors, ruler, pencil, water, starch and rope.

Examples of Paper Craft are:

  1. Paper folding
  2. Making kite
  3. Papier-mâché


  1. Define craft.
  2. Name 2 types of craft.
  3. List five examples of fabric craft.
  4. Mention three examples of paper craft.

Carving Craft

Carving is the process of cutting away parts of a media to achieve a particular form. Carving crafts are done on wood, ivory thorns, stones and calabash, while some are used for decoration, and others serve as functional materials for human utility. Carving tools and materials include chisel, cutter, adze, sandpaper, wood, ivory, thorns, stones and calabash.

These crafts are notable in places like Oyo, Benin and Esie in kwara state.

Examples of carving craft include:

  1. Wood carving
  2. Calabash carving
  3. Thorn carving
  4. Ivory carving
  5. Stone carving

Woven Craft

Woven crafts are artworks done through weaving process. Weaving is the interlacing of yarn, raffia and cane to make useful and functional materials.

Examples include

  • macramé
  • cloth weaving
  • basket weaving
  • mat weaving
  • cane weaving.

Woven craft is highly appreciated in the society.

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