Use the passage below to answer the question below.

Chalyn was sixteen year old girl. She was sixth child in a family of nine. Chalyn’s father and mother were both private workers who barely had time for the home. The new management of Chalyn’s parents’ workplace was incompetent and could not pay workers’ salaries for several months. Chalyn became frustrated with the situation at home.

One day she met some friends who capitalized on her situation and advised her to leave home if she wanted to live a good life and she obliged. She was introduced to a trafficking agent who took her abroad where she was compelled to engage in prostitution. five years later, Chalyn was deported after she had contracted the deadly HIVIAIDS.

A. adequate remunerations for civil servants
B. an established family business
C. moral upbringing and solid parental care
D. adequate family planning

Correct Answer:

Option A – adequate remunerations for civil servants

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