Read the poem below and answer the following questions

Your lies are the withering strokes still, they come from the inner recesses of your dungeoned heart.
And though venomous than the venom, they inspire our once dociled minds to disorders
even as your angels of death pass us by with messages of hopeless hope.

Did you read our mind in your lies?
We know the seat of power in a castle of your evil heart; where your lies are imprisoned to be released again and again; they are never in rain! but they have soothed us calmly, your lies; the war is not of you anymore, it is of the angels who pass us by with messages of peace.


A. contentment
B. helplessness
C. patience
D. resilience

Correct Answer:

Option B – helplessness


From the poem, we can deduce that the persona is helpless.

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