Read the passage and answer the question

The bright sun continued to smile. Andrew’s face beamed with pleasure with every passing moment.
Very few of his contemporaries have so succeeded in reaching the top of the ladder. Andrew in particular
had been an orphan of storm. His father’s death during his third year in the secondary school coupled with the physical misfortune which he suffered when a stockfish machine severed his left middle finger, constituted a serious setback but Andrew did not despair.
The courage to fail is very cheap; every fool can afford of fail. But it raises one above the herd of cowards and never-do-wells to be up and struggling. The reward of forbearance, in the end, is a resounding success.
And so it was for Andrew ever since he finished his university education; it had been success galore. He had got a good job in one of the country’s insurance companies. His pay was good, his prospects seemed bright. The habitual Thomases in his family found it very hard to believe. At forty he had a good car and had already built a house of his own. The world was at his feet.

A. autobiography
B. expository passage
C. descriptive passage
D. biography

Correct Answer:

Option D – biography

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