This question is based on selected poems from Johnson, R. et ai (eds): New Poetry African: Soyinka W. (ed): Poems of Black Africa; Senanu, K.E. and Vincent. T. (eds): A Selection of African Poetry, U. Maduka, C. T et al: Exam Focus: Literature in English: Eruvbetine, A. E. et al (eds): Longman Examination Guides: Nwoga D. I. (ed): West African verse and Adeoti G: Naked Soles.
The excerpt below from Marvell’s To His Coy Mistress is an example of

A. alliteration and assonance
B. simile and irony
C. repetition and alliteration
D. rhyme and rhythm

Correct Answer:

Option B – simile and irony


The simile is Pataki and Mustard flowers like blue and yellow eyes, it compares Pataki flower and blue eyes; mustard flower and yellow eyes using ‘like’. The irony is peeping through the green grass.

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