Unseen Prose and Poetry

Read the passage below and answer the following questions

Marooned, Akpatse felt imprisoned. It was fifteen days since the storm. The flood waters were not receding; neither did Akpatse see any sign of help coming. Akpatse could not swim the expanse of flood waters. He meditated: when one looks upon the mountain for help and help comes from the Lord … where does the Lord sit – in the cloud or on the mountain, or in the valley?

Well, Akpatse looked for salvation in the distance, far across the ocean of flood – the intimidating expense of his great gaoler – up to where the sky and the lips of the flood waters met in a mocking kiss. He had forgotten the feeling of hunger but knew he did not have any energy. What a foolish thing to think! He had not had any food for days. True. But hunger never said hello from the hollow of his ‘person-tree’ as they say in his language. Akpatse saw no help coming.


A. anxiety
B. despondency
C. excitement
D. nonchalance

Correct Answer:

Option B – despondency


Seeing no help coming to Akpatse drives a mood of no hope and loss of courage.

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