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TOPIC:           Farm Surveying and Planning


  1. Meaning and Importance of Farm Survey
  2. Common Survey equipment and their Uses
  3. Maintenance measures of Farm Survey Equipment

SUB TOPIC 1: Meaning, Types and Importance of Farm Survey

Farm Survey is a way of showing the natural and man-made features such as streams, lakes, rivers, hills, valleys, rocks, roads, buildings etc on a piece of farmland. It can further be defined as the process of measuring and mapping out the position, height, size and boundary of an area of farmland.

Types of Survey

There are five Types of survey

  1. Chain Survey: This is the simplest form and the oldest form of survey involving the use of chains or measuring tapes to determine the area of land
  2. Geodetic/Traverse Survey: it is a type of survey in which the size and shape (spherical) of an area is determined by using prismatic compass
  3. Soil Survey: this is concerned with the examination, classification and systematic mapping of the soil. It provides data on the composition and properties of the soil
  4. Topographical Survey: this is a type of survey in which the physical features of an area or relief, shape are identified eg flatness, steepness, valley, rivers etc
  5. Aerial Survey: it is the use of aircraft to observe a large area of land showing different features such as hills, vegetation, rivers, lakes, Clift etc
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Importance of Farm Surveying

  1. It helps us to know the size of the farm
  2. It helps in determine the boundaries, the main features and location of the farm
  3. It helps in providing maps which are useful in planning a farm and farmland
  4. It helps in identifying various soil and their characteristics
  5. It helps in calculating amount of labour, seeds and fertilizer needed in the farm
  6. It ensures land security in case of dispute and transfer
  7. It helps in dividing the land for various productions
  8. It can be used as collateral security.
  9. It does not allow waste of land
  10. It can be used for feasibility studies


  1. Explain the term farm survey
  2. State seven reasons why farm survey is important

SUB TOPIC 2: Common Surveying Equipment and their Uses

Some common surveying equipment used on the farm includes the following:

  1. Ranging pole
  2. Offset staff
  3. Cutlass
  4. Prismatic compass
  5. Arrows/Pins
  6. Beacons/Pillars
  7. Writing materials
  8. Dumpy level
  9. Measuring tape
  10. Theodolite
  11. Pegs
  12. Graduated staff

RANGING POLE: It is a wooden or metal pole used by surveyors along with chain, tape or farm level during surveying of a field. It ranges from 1.8m-3.0m. It is either circular or octagonal in shape with one pointed end to effect good penetration. It is painted with red and white colours called bands for easy visibility. Each band is about one foot.


  1. It is used for marking spots or stations
  2. It is used to determine elevation of a point relative to another point
  3. It is used for marking straight lines
  4. It is used in making alignment needed for extending station lines
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MEASURING TAPE: It is made of steel, cloth, fibre or glass. It replaces the use of gunter’s chain. The common standard lengths are 30m, 50m and 100m. It is marked or calibrated on one side in metric units and imperial units on the other side


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