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  1. Advertising Media: cinema; Windows display; catalogues; Hoarding (bill boards) etc.
  2. Advertising merits and demerits
  3. Consumer protection in advertising

Sub-Topic 2: Media or Means of Advertising

Advertising media are means through which information concerning goods and services are conveyed to the audience, target market or the general public. The following are the available advertising media:

  1. The press, (newspapers, magazines, journals and books)
  2. Television
  3. Radio
  4. Cinema
  5. Hoarding(billboards)
  6. Catalogue
  7. window display
  8. Exhibitions and trade fairs
  9. Free samples
  10. Posters and handbills.

The press/print Media: the press (newspaper, magazines/journals and books) as advertising media appeal to a general audience because of the extent of circulation which is usually throughout a country and beyond.

  1. NEWSPAPERS: These exist on daily and weekly basis. There are various types which have national and local coverage and can be bought at cheap prices. They are good for goods and services which are in general use. In Nigeria, The Guardian and The Punch are some of the newspapers.
  2. MAGAZINES/JOURNALS: These are on weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. They can be read by any one or certain classed of people or readers in a particular profession. Magazines appeal to the general audience as well as special groups-men, women, sports lovers, etc. Nigerian magazines include: Ovation, Newswatch, and Christian Women Mirror etc.
  • Books: These provide an excellent medium for product advertising as they are widely circulated and it has a long lifespan. They could be targeted at special or general audience, depending on the subject matter of the book.
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Advantages of print/press media

  1. They appeal to general audience as well as special groups.
  2. They have a wide range of coverage.
  3. Pictures of the product are displayed in an attractive way thereby appealing to the viewers.
  4. They provide opportunity for daily and continuous advertising.
  5. Print media can be read as many times as possible
  6. The print media provide opportunity for multiple readership

Disadvantages of print/press media

  1. Print media appeal to only the literate in the society. This means that advertising can only cover a limited number of people.
  2. They are expensive because of the high cost of advertising.
  3. Magazines and journals have low frequency.
  4. They cannot be used to get urgent result from consumers.
  5. Their flexibility is limited

Television Advertising

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