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TOPIC:  The Art of Information processing


  1. Definition of information processing
  2. Procedures for information processing: – Collation of information – Organization of Information      – Analysis of Information           – Interpretation of Information

SUBTOPIC 1: Definition of information processing

Information Processing is the change (processing) of information in any manner detectable by an observer. As such, it is a process which describes everything which happens (changes) in the universe, from the falling of a rock (a change in position) to the printing of a text file from a digital computer system.

Information processing refers to the manipulation of digitized information by computers and other digital electronic equipment, known collectively as information technology (IT). Information processing systems include business software, operating systems, computers, networks and mainframes.

Information processing may be sequential or parallel, either of which may be centralized or decentralized (distributed).

Sub-topic 2

Procedures for information processing

Information represents digitally in two-state, or binary, form is often referred to as digital information. Modern information systems are characterized by extensive metamorphoses of analog and digital information.

  1. Collation of Information

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