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  1. Trade journal: a trade journal is a booklet that contains articles or write-ups as well as advertisements in respect of some trade. Thus, it provides new information and products for potential buyers on various items. It also keeps the existing customers informed of new development in the trade.
  2. Letter of  inquiry and request for price quotation: this is the letter that simply aske the seller to supply more information about the goods to augment the knowledge that buyer has acquired from the trade journal or other sources. At the same time, the letter may request for price quotation.
  3. Response to the letter: price quotation and catalogue or price list: a catalogue is simply the lists of goods that a seller deals in. Usually, the catalogue contains the photographs or illustrations and descriptions of goods as to the size, colour and other measures or indications of quantity and quality.
  4. Purchase order: this is the process of completing and submitting an order form prescribed by the seller, sending own order form or simply writing to that effect
  5. Reference letter
  6. Pro forma invoice
  7. Invoice
  8. Advice note
  9. Credit note
  10. Debit note
  11. Cheque etc

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