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CONTENT:   (1) Definition of Hospitality and Meaning of Hospitality Industry

(2) Origin and segments of Hospitality Industry.


Definition: The word ‘hospitality’ is a Latin word ‘hospes’ meaning host or guest. It now translates to meeting the needs of guests with kindness, liberality and goodwill while they are away from their homes. The term hospitality refers to the cordial and generous reception and entertainment of guest or strangers, either socially or commercially. It is a relationship between a guest and a host. It refers to the reception people receive when they visit friends and family or while they are at a hotel or eating in a restaurant.

Meaning of Hospitality Industry.

The hospitality industry involves friendly and generous behaviors towards guest. It also deals with foods and drinks. The industry operates in a wide range of sectors. Its activities impact on the daily lives of almost every member of society. People working in the hospitality provide food, drink and accommodation to meet the needs of the domestic and international leisure and tourism markets. They also provide hospitality services in offices, department stores, hospitals, prisons, sports centers, leisure centres, and clubs and so on. The hospitality industry therefore does not just include the commercial or profit sectors where payment is made directly by the customer, but also the non-profit sector where payment is made indirectly.

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The hospitality industries flourish where there are improved economic conditions. As people become wealthier, their incremental income and disposable income are usually spent on pleasure and luxury items.

Evaluation: Objective Test

  1. One of the following is not part of Hospitality ………….
  2. a) Cordiality b) Harshness    c) Entertainment   d) Reception
  3. The hospitality industry deals with all excepts ___________
  4. a) Clothes b) food              c) beverages          d) drink.
  5. Which of this hospitality industry is not a non- profit oriented.
  6. a) Hotel b) leisure centers c) prisons d) department stores
  7. The hospitality industries affect the economics of the nation ___
  8. a) Positively b) positively or negatively c) negatively d) none of the above.


  1. Define Hospitality
  2. In your own words explain hospitality industry.

Sub topic 2:       Origin and Sectors/Segments of Hospitality Industry.

Origin of hospitality industry.

The modern concept of hospitality dates back to classical Rome. People invited guest and family members into their homes, shared meals with them and celebrate with them. The concept was that people would starts as strangers, become guests and then become friends. It turns into a custom that becomes major focal points within Roman culture. Religion also played a role since some religion that people are hospitable to the homeless and provide them with meal or bed. The commercial aspect of hospitality, like is found in restaurant, bars and hotels also originated during classical Rome.

Sectors/Segments of Hospitality Industry.

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