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PIG MANAGEMENT: Pigs are non-ruminant animals. The two main species of pig are Sus scrofa and Sus vittatu. These are very prolific animals because they mature quickly between 8 – 9 months. They have short gestation period of 114 days. They are very good and efficient converters of feed into meats.

Breeds of Pigs:

  1. Landrace
  2. Duroc jersey
  3. Large white
  4. Large black
  5. Hampshire
  6. Welsh
  7. Chester white
  8. Berkshire
  9. Poland china
  10. Essex saddle back
  11. Wessel saddle back
  12. West African Dwarf
  13. Tamworth
  14. Saddle back


The systems are basically Extensive, Semi-intensive, and Intensive systems.

Extensive System:

Like other farm animals, the animals are allowed to fend for themselves. They do not attract any attention in terms of housing, feeding, and health care. This system affects the growth rate of the animals.

 Semi-intensive System:

In this system, pigs are reared partly indoors and partly outdoors. The female pig with or without the male pigs are allowed to run outside. In this system labour requirement is low and less feed is required as the pigs graze for food.

Intensive System: In this system pigs are completely raised in houses with concrete floors. This allowed for easy daily cleaning. Feed, water, and medications are provided daily in adequate quantity and good sanitation is maintained. Feeds conversion is high, hence growth rate is also high. The system is capital-intensive.

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The pen is divided into units depending on the functions they serve. For example:

  1. Farrowing Pen: For delivering of the litter
  2. Litter Pen: Where newly delivered are kept and given adequate care
  3. Mating pen: Where mating between a male and a female pig is done.
  4. Growers Pen: Where piglets are kept and given adequate care
  5. Isolation pen: where sick animals are kept and treated.

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