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Balanced Diet II

That balanced diet must contain all the six classes of food in the right amount. A balanced diet gives your body the nutrients it needs to function correctly. A balanced diet must contain carbohydrates, protein, fats and oil, vitamins, mineral salts. The individual must take adequate water to go with the food. In this way one is said to have taken a balanced diet.


  1. What are the food nutrients that must be contained in a balanced diet?

 Food Nutrients and Their Functions

Carbohydrates: – Gives energy

Protein: – These are bodybuilding food; they also help to repair worn out tissues.

Fats and Oil: – They give more energy than carbohydrates and also help to provide warmth.

Vitamins:- They build bones and boost the immune system.

Mineral salts:- This helps the body system to function properly.


  1. What is a balanced diet?
  2. Lists the four food nutrients that must be contained in a balanced diet.
  3. ———–. b) ———–.  c) —————.  d) ——————
  4. Give the function of the food nutrient you mentioned above.
  5. ———————————————–
  6. ———————————————–
  7. ———————————————–
  8. ————————————————-



Grain Crops

Crops are plants grown by farmers for the use of man as food or raw materials. Crops provide food for man and feed for animals. A grain crop is a grain-producing plant.

Grain crops produce seeds. They give carbohydrates.

Examples of grain crops are: millet, maize, rice, wheat, guinea corn etc.


Observe the picture below and identify the grain crops you see in them

Uses Of Grain Crops

  1. Grain crops like rice and beans are staple foods we eat.
  2. Grain crops can be converted to drinks after fermentation.
  3. Grain crops like wheat are ground to powder and used in baking
  4. Grain crops like maize are used in making pap.
  5. Grain crops are also used in feeding animals.


  1. List four examples of grain crops.——————————-. b) —————————- c)   ——————————–   d) —————————-
  2. Write two uses of grain crops a)———————————————- b)———————————————-
  3. Carrot is a grain crop. True or False
  4. ————— is the grain crop used in making a)Pap. b) Maize    c) Rice

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