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Class:- Basic 4

Subject:- Agricultural Science

Week:- 1 and 2

Topic:  Method of Farm Produce Preservation

Behavioral objective:- At the end of the lesson the pupils should be able to:-

  1. State the methods of preserving foods on the farm
  2. Mention the importance of farm produce preservation

Instructional material/Reference material:- Learn Africa Basic Agricultural Science UBE edition for primary school book 4

Building Background /connection to prior knowledge: Students are familiar with the various examples of farm produce such as maize, tomatoes etc, and their tendency to get spoilt quickly.



The proper keeping of food until they are needed is called food preservation. Some crop Plants will need to store until the next planting season. To make sure that they are good for planting (viable), they must be properly preserved.


  1. To retain the freshness of the food
  2. To reduce the loss of quality of the food
  3. To prolong the food shelf life
  4. To prevent possible contamination and infection.


The different methods of farm produce preservation are:

  1. Sun drying
  2. Smoking
  3. Salting
  4. Frying
  5. Refrigeration
  6. Canning
  7. Bagging
  8. Bottling


  • Sun drying

Peeled cassava, peeled yam, maize, beans can be preserved by spreading them under the sun. Drying reduces the water content of the food stuff.

  • Smoking
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Fish and meat can be smoked with coal fire. Smoking dries the meat and fish. This meat and fish can be kept for a long time without getting spoilt.

  • Salting

Adding salt to some food stuffs like meat and fish can preserve them for a short period of time. The salt keeps germs away from the food stuff.

  • Frying

Meat, fish, chicken, plantain, yam and potato can be preserved by frying. Frying removes water from the food items so that they can be kept for a long [period of time.

  • Refrigeration

This is a modern way of preserving food. Food items like eggs, fruits and vegetables can be preserved in the fridge. For longer preservation, meat, and fish should be stored in the freezer.

  • Canning

In factories, foods are processed and canned so that they can be stored for a long time. Such foods include fruits, pepper, tomato, sardine, corned beef and soup. the can is sealed after adding some chemicals called preservatives.

  • Bagging

Foodstuffs can be preserved in a bag so that they can be stored for a long time e.g. rice.

  • Bottling

Fruit juice can be put in sealed bottles for preservation purposes.


  1. What is food preservation
  2. State four importance of food preservation
  3. Methods of preserving food include:
  • ________________________________________
  • _________________________________________
  • _________________________________________
  • _________________________________________
  • __________________________________________
  • __________________________________________

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