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  • Meaning of Agro-based industry.
  • Agro-based industries and their raw materials.
  • Relationship between Agriculture and industry

Subtopic 1: Meaning of agro-allied industry

Agro-allied industries are industries that make use of agricultural produce or products as raw material to produce other finished products. It also refers to the produce that the farmers use as an input in the farm. the continuous existence of these industries is made possible through the raw material derived from agriculture. These industries help;

  1. To provide a market for agricultural products
  2. Provide employment opportunities,
  3. Generate income for the government and
  4. Influence or enhance the development of rural areas.

Sub topic 2: Agro-allied industries and their raw materials:

The following industries make use of agricultural produce or products as raw materials:

Agro-based industries and their raw materials

Agro-based industries Raw materials used
Textile/Ginnery Cotton, wool, fur
Oil Mill Oil( from oil seeds)
Beverage industry Cocoa ,coffee ,tea
Paper mill/industry Pulp wood
Cigarette/tobacco industry Tobacco leaves
Soap industry Palm oil (from oil seeds)
Fruit canning industry (Orange, apple, pineapple, strawberry)
Tyre and tube industry Latex(from rubber tree)
Sugar industry Sugarcane
Livestock feed mill Grains (maize, groundnut, soyabeans, etc.)
Plastic industries Latex (from rubber tree)
Confectioneries Cocoa ,butter etc.
Flourmills Maize, wheat etc.
Pharmaceutical industries Neem, Eucalyptus, cotton, insulin from pigs
Foam industry Latex (from rubber tree)
Breweries Maize, wheat, rice, millet, guinea-corn etc.
Leather industry or tannery Hide and skin
Plywood industry Timber wood
Meat/Fish canning industry Meat and fish
Perfume industry Oil (from oil seeds)
Sack, Rope, Mat, and Bag industries Jute, sisal, kenaf, kapok
Milk industry Raw milk from cattle
Sawmill Timber(logs)
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