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TOPIC: Magnetism

Meaning of magnet

When a magnet is put in a container filled with office pins or needles, by the time you bring the magnet out of the container; most of the pins or needles would have clung to it.

It shows that a magnet can attract needles and some other materials like cobalt, nickel, iron etc.

All the materials which can be attracted by magnet are called magnetic materials. The ability of a magnet to attract magnetic materials is called magnetism.


Lodestone also called magnetite is a black oxide of iron ore (Fe304).it has the ability to attract small pieces of iron and other pieces of magnetic materials. It is the original magnet, and large deposits of this substance were first discovered in Magnesia, in Asia, from where the name magnet was formed.

Law of magnetism

The law of magnetism states that like poles of a magnet repel each other, while unlike poles attracts each other.

It implies that north and south poles of a magnet attract each other while the north pole of a magnet repels the north pole of another magnet. Similarly, the south pole of a magnet repels the south pole of another magnet.

Magnetic poles and magnetic fields

If a bar magnet is tied in the middle and suspended in the air, when the bar magnet is made to swig freely, after some time it comes to rest in the north- south direction. If there is attraction, then the pole of the magnet beside the north-seeking pole of the standard magnet is the south-seeking pole. Poles of a magnet

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Magnetic Field

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