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(a) Meaning of consumer rights and redress

(b) Type of Consumer right.

(c) Ways of seeking redress.

(c) Benefits of providing redress.


It is a process of providing a set of rules and guideline that protect all consumers. It is a process of setting right a wrong or providing for fair settlement of justified claims.


Consumers right are privileges entitled to consumers and they are:

  1. Right to satisfaction of basic needs: access to basic essential goods and services, adequate food, clothing , shelter, healthcare and education
  2. Right to be informed: consumers need to be informed about choice and to be protected against dishonest or misleading advertising and labeling
  3. Right to get truthful and honest information about the goods and services which are purchased.
  4. Right to choose between products of different qualities and prices which are required to satisfy their needs. It is the consumer’s right to choose a level of quality and performance equal to the price which he/she is prepared to pay
  5. Right to be heard
  6. Right to safety of goods and services bought
  7. Right to redress: settlement of choice claims. It includes the right compensation for misrepresentation or shoddy (inferior) goods or unsatisfactory services
  8. Right to consumer education
  9. Right to healthy environment
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Redress can be sought in the law court and through the Consumer Protection Agency. However the procedures for seeking redress are:

  • Report or return the product as soon as possible.
  • Request for a replacement.
  • If the Manager does not act on your complaint proceed to the Consumer protection agency.
  • Take a long with your documents like invoice and letter of complaint vital for mediation.
  • Be sure to attend the mediation conference.

If the office or warehouse is at a distance. Take the following steps:

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