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  1. Reasons for banning chemicals
  2. Reasons for restricting chemical not suitable for use
  3. Procedure for restricting chemical not suitable for use.

 Reasons for banning chemicals

Ban is placing embargo on goods or product. The major reasons for banning goods are:

  • For the protection of human and public health.
  • For the protection of the environment.
  • For the avoidance of diseases such as cancer, hormonal imbalance, infertility, red blood destruction, chronic illness, congenital ailment, etc.

Reasons for restricting chemicals not suitable for use

Restriction is making chemicals not easily available. Some of the reasons are:

  • To control and check the use of such chemicals.
  • To ensure compliance with the International Food and Chemicals Control Treaties.
  • To avoid death, temporary incapability, and permanent harm to human and animals.

Procedures for banning chemicals not suitable for use

  • A notice called Prior Information Consent is sent.
  • Submission of proposal.
  • Enquiry and checking for conformity.
  • Public consultation (6 months)
  • Advise on enforceability.
  • Opinion by risk Assessment Committee and draft opinion by SEAC.
  • Public consultation on the SEAC draft opinion (2 months)
  • Opinion by SEAC
  • Draft amendment of Annex XVII by the Commission
  • Decision taking

Activity: Students are to mention some goods that the government have banned, or restricted it’s usage.

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