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CONTENT 1. Solid Minerals

Meaning of Solid mineral

Solid minerals are naturally occurring chemical elements or compounds which are found in rocks or in the soil, examples are gold, salt, tin, etc. Minerals can exist as solids or non-solids or a combination of both. All rocks are made up of minerals. Rocks which contain a high concentration of the mineral of a particular metal, from which it can be profitably mined is called the ore of that metal e.g. iron ore, copper ore, etc.

Solid minerals have been found deposited in some parts of Nigeria in commercial quantities and they are of valuable use to man. Due to their importance, the federal government established the Ministry of Solid Minerals to handle all matters concerning solid minerals.

Man utilizes some of these minerals in their natural/crude form while some of them have been combined with other materials i.e. processed to form products which are useful to man.

There are about 34 mineral resources found in Nigeria. They include columbite, gold, zinc, diamond, gypsum, limestone, tin, copper, etc.

The scientific study of minerals is called mineralogy and the scientist who studies mineralogy is called a mineralogist.

Below is a table showing some mineral resources found in Nigeria, their location, and their uses.

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[Calcium trioxcarbonate

(iv), (CaCO3)]

2.      Nkalagu in Ebonyi State.


3.      Ewekoro near Abeokuta and Shagamuin Ogun State.


4.      Sokoto


5.      Jakura near Lokoja in Kogi State


6.      Ukpilla in Edo State


6. Ashaka in Bauchi State

Found to be of great importance to man and the economy of the nation. 7.      Making of cement and concrete used in building houses.


8.      Used in the manufacture of sodium trioxocarbaonate (iv) Na2CO3, this is very important in the manufacture of glass, the production of soap, and softening of hard water.


9.      Part of raw materials in the production of iron.


10.   Used in the manufacture of quicklime (CaO), this is used in agriculture to remove acidity.


Gold (Au)


1. Ilesha in Osun state.

2. Gusau in Zamfara State.

Found to be of great importance to man and to the economy of the nation. 11.   Used for making jewelry.


12. Used as a basis of international monetary transactions.

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