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  • New page
  • Correct page alignment
  • Production of document.

Teachers are to teach the students how to set the margin with their computer. The type shape he/she wants the typing to look like either portrait or landscape and how to connect the computer to the printer and print the document the students have typed.


Page set up is a group of options guiding the way a document on the computer system is set for printing. It helps to set the paper size, font size, margin to determine what the final document will look like.

Options in the page set up dialogue box include margins, page guide, size and quality of print.

A margin is a space separating text or other elements from the edge of the paper.   it is the commonly adjusted through the page set up.

Most programmes allow for the top, bottom, left and right margins to be set. The standard margin settings are 1st top and bottom and 1.25 left and right.

To access the page set up dialogue box in Microsoft word 2010, click file on the top menu bar, this will take you to a list of icons, click print, then click page set up.

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To set up a new page in Microsoft word 2010, click file , then click new from the list of icons , this will take you to another list of icons , click blank document and  then click create to go to a new page.


One of the basic typing specifications for laying out a document page is determining how the texts will appear. This  is called page alignment.

Lines of words can be aligned in four ways;

1 Left Alignment

2 Right Alignment

3 Centre Alignment

4 Justify Alignment.


Here the text will be aligned to the left margin of the document.

Manuscript 1

Mamlet , a man from Denmar.

It was cold , windy and dark night .

The soldiers watch had seen something strange.


  1. Select the text you want to aligned.
  2. on the Home tab , in the paragraph group click Align left.

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