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  1. Correspondence Records –types and uses
  2. Ways mail come into an organization
  3. Procedure for handling mails and correspondence

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Correspondence Records refers to the various forms by which written communication is carried out in the office.

It is also defined as any written communication exchanged by two or more parties

Types of Correspondence Records

  1. Mail Inward Book
  2. Mail Outward Book
  3. Postage Book
  4. Despatch Book
  5. Address list/Directory

Let’s look into each of them in detail.

  1. Mail Inward Book

When mails are received into an organization, all the particulars of the mail such as the date received, sender of mail, to whom it is addressed; are all recorded in Mail Inward Book. Therefore, this book is used to record all mails that are received into an organization. Another name for mail inward book is incoming mail register.


  • It is used to record all mails that are received in an organization.
  • It enables an organization to trace all mails that are sent into an organization.
  1. Mail Outward Register

This book is used to record the particulars of mails sent out from an organization. It shows the name and address of the person to whom it is sent, the name of person sending it, the time the mail was sent out and signature.

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  • It is used to record all the letters that are for postage.
  • It enables an organization to know the time that a mail actually left the organization for its destination.
  1. Postage Book

This is book is used to keep record of all posted mails.  It contains the value of stamp used, the name of the receiver and the town to which the mail will be posted.


  • It enables organizations to record the number of stamps used within a specific period of time
  • It helps to keep record of all letters posted.
  1. Dispatch Book

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