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CONTENT: Petrochemicals And Uses

Meaning of petrochemical

Petrochemicals are substances produced from the by-products of petroleum and natural gas. Crude oil fractionates are further processed and treated or cracked to produce other organic compounds such as ethane, detergents, insecticides, nylon, dyes, polish, fertilizers, cosmetics, drugs etc.

Petrochemical products and uses

  1. Pesticides are used to kill pests like cockroaches and mosquitoes. Pesticides and herbicides are also used in agriculture to control pests and weeds respectively.
  2. Nylon is used in making clothes, as well as window and door blinds.
  3. Synthetic rubber and fibers are used in the production of vehicle and bicycle tyres and ropes.
  4. Plastics are formed into vessels like basins, buckets and dust bins. Plastic foam is used in making mattresses.
  5. Paints are used to protect walls, doors, windows, tables, vehicles and furniture against the weather. Paints are also used in decorating furniture, vehicles, and walls of our buildings.
  6. Fertilizers are used to improve soil fertility in agriculture.


  1. It serves as means of foreign exchange to countries that are involved in the refining and exportation of crude oil hence making their economy to be very buoyant.

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