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TOPIC: WOODWORK HAND TOOLS:  Measuring and marking out tools


  • Classes of wood work hand tools
  • Measuring tools
  • Setting and marking out tools


SUB-TOPIC 1: Classes of wood work hand tools

There are six classes of wood work hand tools.

They are:

  1. Measuring tools
  2. Marking out/ setting out tools
  3. Work holding tools
  4. Boring tools
  5. Cutting and paring tools
  6. Driving tools.


A very vital tool in the wood workshop upon which operations such as sawing, drilling, planning, chiseling and boring are all carried out.

Work bench fittings are:

  1. Bench Stop is a provision made to prevent the work piece from slipping off the top surface of the work bench during planning.
  2. Bench Hook is a device used to hold the job (or work piece) down during sawing or chiseling.
  3. Bench Vice is a device that has a torsion bar for opening the jaws to allow a work piece to be held firmly between them. Usually more than one of this is fixed on the bench.
  4. The Well is an important longitudinal hollow feature at the center of the work bench which serves as storage area for keeping bench tools during the process of work.

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