A. Encourage goodness to parents
B. Discourage pride
C. Warn against finding partners for Allah
D. Uphold the principle of justice

Correct Answer:

Option C – Warn against finding partners for Allah


O my son! Join not in worship others with Allah.
Allah tells us how Luqman advised his son. His full name was Luqman bin `Anqa’ bin Sadun, and his son’s name was Tharan, according to a saying quoted by As-Suhayli.
Allah describes him in the best terms, and states that he granted him wisdom. Luqman advised his son, the closest and most beloved of all people to him, who deserved to be given the best of his knowledge. So, Luqman started by advising him to worship Allah Alone, and not to associate anything with Him. Read Surah 31:13 for full text.

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