In a few minutes time, you’ll learn about the Direct Entry requirements for Education and Biology in UNN. Worthy to state that, this information is prone to changes as there are new and modern approaches to the course in the academicians’ world, however, the make-up remains appropriate as at the time of compiling it. Therefore, you’re encouraged to check the updated information (if there is any) before you submit your application. Best of luck in your admission exercise

  • In addition to O/Level (U.T.M.E) requirements candidates seeking Direct Entry admission into Faculty of Education shall possess G.C.E ‘A’ Level passes or NCE credit/merit in  two  relevant  teaching  subjects  or  one  professional/teaching  subject  offered  as  double  major  or  one  professional  subject  combined  with  a teaching subject (i.e. a course/subject offered as double major need not be combined with any teaching subject) however a candidate with a pass in one of the teaching subjects may be considered for admission provided the aggregate is not less than seven (7) points in all.
  • Candidates with Diploma in Education with a minimum of merit pass from any recognized institution are eligible for direct entry admission.
  • The entry requirement for Direct Entry must include UTME requirement for that particular course.

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