This article is objectively written so as to address the key and vital information about the admission requirement for sociology in JABU, it is necessary to state that, some institution might combine sociology with any related courses, even at that, the admission requirements are the same. See the detailed requirements below. For more recent information and admission news, kindly join our website.

Direct Entry requirements for Sociology in JABU

In a few minutes time, you will learn about the direct entry requirement for sociology in JABU. Axiomatically, this information is liable to changes; therefore, encourages you to carefully note the instructions bulleted below. Best of luck in your admission exercise

  • From various considerations and researches, the direct entry to some of the social science courses often comes with a threat of not gaining admission. Guess what, often than none, the courses are scarcely handled by lower institution apart from university, this makes it a rare occurrence for direct entry students to gain admission.

However, as a tradition, we have gotten some requirements.

  • **Any two ‘A’ level passes in Arts subjects such as Government, history or related courses and from accredited and reputable Nigeria’s college of education or polytechnics.
  • The candidates must meet up with jamb demand by scoring appreciably grade
  • The school sometimes considers external exams such as pre-degree with certified and accredited centres to make up the number.

UTME requirements for Sociology in JABU

Have you been serially disappointed in admission procedures? Sometimes, it might due to lack of right information about the subjects’ combination or under-scoring in either the UTME or PUTME. Here is all in one package for you as has the appropriate and succinct UTME requirements for Sociology in JABU? See the details below. Take note of all the information on this page so as to secure your admission without any challenges.

The candidate must have Five credit passes in SSCE including:

  • English Language
  • Government
  • Economics
  • History or Religious studies. (you can choose any of the two)

Most importantly, the candidate must have a nice score in his or her UTME exam with a minimum of {205 to 230, this varies annually and with general performances in the UTME}.

 O’Level Subject combination for Sociology in JABU

Admission won’t have been possible without a success at O-Level examination, however, passing the exam on a good note is a one leg achievement in admission process but with possession of right knowledge on O’Level Subject combination for Sociology in JABU is the second leg that will position to be among the final shortlist. This is imperative, before you fill your application form, make sure you study the requirements listed below so that you can easily secure admission in the school.

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Geography {*History*}
  • CRK or IRK
  • Economics plus any

Social Science subjects such as Government, Literature in English, and French, etc. Do well to have minimum grade in all the subjects because anything less of that might be a challenge in being considered.

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