University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, happens to be one of the hot cakes in the heart of Nigerians’ students and this invariably makes the possibility of securing admission tough and hard, however, as against the general opinion, consider it’s simple and easy if the candidates are rightly equipped about the procedures and the school’s admission requirement.  In line with the above, the article is aimed at focusing the ‘dos and takes’ of the Admission requirement for Nursing and Nursing Sciences in UNILAG. This course is grouped under the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, however, the objective of the piece is to elucidate by carefully stating the UNILAG admission requirements for Nursing and Nursing Sciences. See the detailed requirements below. For more recent information and admission news, kindly join our website. You can reach us via the forum section

Direct Entry Requirement for Nursing and Nursing Sciences in UNILAG

Direct Entry requirement for Nursing and Nursing Sciences in UNILAG is currently not available, the course is always in high demand by the aspirants and more so, it is a medically related course which often opens only to the UTME students. This makes the course unavailable for the direct entry students. I’ll advise you to check direct entry requirements for other schools that are of interest to you, by searching on this site or check later in case we have the latest updates. All the best in your admission exercises

UTME Requirements for Nursing and Nursing Sciences in UNILAG

The candidate must have five credit passes in SSCE including the following subject combination in UTME.

  • English Language
  •  Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
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NOTE: Geography and Agricultural science are not so relevant, but Mathematics is required, at least foundational knowledge.

Most importantly, the candidate must score high in the UTME exam with a minimum of {230, this varies annually and with general performances in the UTME}.

 O’Level Subject Combinations for Nursing and Nursing Sciences in UNILAG

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Other subjects that can be advantageous depending on the school is agricultural science, however, the subject cannot match up with any listed subject above. At least, a minimum grade of “B and C” in all the subjects will keep your hope alive because anything less of that might be a challenge in being considered.

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