This piece is targeted at addressing the Admission requirement for Education and Biology in Bowen University, the article is focusing on the vitals prerequisite you’ve to possess so as to stand a chance of gaining admission and how can a student stand right so that, he or she won’t miss another golden chance of gaining admission?  See the detailed requirements below. For more recent information and admission news, kindly join our website.

Direct Entry Requirement for Education and Biology in Bowen University

  • In addition to O/Level (U.T.M.E) requirements candidates seeking Direct Entry admission into Faculty of Education shall possess G.C.E ‘A’ Level passes or NCE credit/merit in two relevant teaching subjects or one professional/teaching  subject offered as double  major  or one professional  subject combined with a teaching subject (i.e. a course/subject offered as double major need not be combined with any teaching subject) however a candidate with a pass in one of the teaching subjects may be considered for admission provided the aggregate is not less than seven (7) points in all.
  • Candidates with Diploma in Education with a minimum of merit pass from any recognized institution are eligible for direct entry admission.
  • The entry requirement for Direct Entry must include UTME requirement for that particular course.

UTME requirements for Education and Biology in Bowen University

The candidate must have Five credit passes in SSCE including:

  • English Language
  • Physics
  • Chemistry / Agricultural Science
  • Biology


  • Geography is not of equal importance like the above-listed subjects, it can, therefore, be subsisted or even not considered.
  • Most importantly, the candidate must score high in UTME exam with a minimum of {160, this varies annually and with general performances in the UTME}.
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O’Level Subject Combinations for Education and Biology in Bowen University

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics or Agricultural Science

Other subjects that can be advantageous depending on the school is agricultural science, however, the subject cannot match up with any listed subjects above. Do well to have a minimum grade (“C”) in all the subjects because anything less of that might be a challenge in being considered.

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