Do you want to study English Studies in AAUA? Before you apply for the AAUA JUPEB program, make sure you know the JUPEB subject combination for English Studies and also the O-level requirement for English Studies in AAUA.

In this article, you will see the details about AAUA JUPEB admission for English Studies.

JUPEB Subjects for English Studies in AAUA:

  • Literature
  • CRS
  • Government

A minimum of 8 points out of possible 16 points must be earned by the candidate after the examination

Additional information

You will need to have FIVE O’LEVEL CREDIT (PREFERABLY ONE SITTING) in the following subjects:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Literature in English
  • CRS
  • Government and any of:
  • Civic Education or Economics or Computer Science

You will be able to gain admission into 200 level to study English Studies with the AAUA JUPEB program.

NOTE: The grading and scoring of the final examination is conducted externally by the JUPEB Board and the scoring system is as shown in the table below:

Grade Score Range Point
A 70 – 100 5
B 60 – 69 4
C 50 – 59 3
D 45 – 49 2
E 40 – 44 1
F 0 -39 0

To qualify for placement into a degree programme (200 LEVEL) of AAUA, a student must register for Direct Entry with JAMB and score a minimum of 7 points (e.g. DDD + 1 = 7, BEE + 1 = 7, etc.). Students should note that the score requirement to gain entry into the University

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