The reason why students fail WAEC Exams of which chemistry papers are not excepted, though, over years, none of the reasons are personal but bulky of them were due to negligence. This article will be unveiling the reasons why Candidates Fail 2011 Chemistry WAEC theory. Read on…

Candidates showed improvement in the following areas:

  1. gas law
  2. period table
  3. calculation of oxidation numbers
  4. nomenclature of some formula
  5. calculation of empirical formula
  6. meaning of amphoteric oxides
  7. definition of functional group
  8. diagram for energy profile for exothermic reactions

Suggested WAEC Remedies

The following remedies were pinned down so as to redress the ugly situation of mass failure.

  1. adequate and effective coverage of syllabus
  2. more exposure to practical work
  3. parents to provide relevant textbooks and ensure that they make use of them adequately
  4. instructional materials should be provided by schools/improvised by teachers for effective teaching and learning
  5. schools should engage qualified teachers
  6. government to popularize the study of science
  7. Chemistry teachers should be mandated to attend coordination meetings to gain more experience

Candidate’s Strength

Candidates performance was affected by the following weaknesses:

  1. poor computational skill
  2. poor comprehension on application of principles
  3. poor knowledge of organic chemistry
  4. lack of adequate knowledge of some concepts e.g half-life, covalent bonding
  5. inability to correctly write some organic equations and structures
  6. usage of unconventional symbols of elements such as AL instead of Al; fe instead of Fe
  7. inadequate understanding of solubility, functional group, activation energy and activated complex
  8. poor study habits
  9. inability to balance chemical equation.

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