It is more than just answering questions in WAEC examination, having the right approach to answering and with missing out on main keywords mean a lot to the council. This and some other reasons have been the Reasons Why Candidates Fail 2017 Animal Husbandry WAEC Theory. Below is the Council’s observations and inference.

Candidates were unable to:

  1. adequately address questions 6.
  2. write with clear handwriting and good English expression.
  3. correctly state the causes of low egg production in chicken.
  4. spell most technical words correctly.
  5. state ways in which cattle production is important.
  6. mention ways of improving rangeland.
  7. state the functions of protein in farm animals.
  8. adhere strictly to rubrics
  9. mention the digestive enzymes found in the intestines of a pig.
  10. define oestrus and state the signs of heat in a sow.
  11. state the diseases that affect the respiratory system of farm animals.
  12. define exhalation, inhalation, peristalsis, ovulation and rumination.

WAEC Recommendations to forestall Students’ failure

Consequently, based on the identified weaknesses noticed in the candidates’ scripts, the Chief Examiners made the following recommendations:

  1. Only competent graduates of Animal Science/Production should be saddled with the responsibility of teaching the subject in Senior Secondary Schools;
  2. Animal Husbandry should be taught as a practical oriented subject through laboratory activities, field trips, excursions etc.
  3. adequate facilities and textbooks on Animal Husbandry should be made available to enhance the teaching-learning of Animal Husbandry in Senior Secondary Schools.

Candidates’ Strengths during the Exam

The candidates were able to:

  1. State the advantages associated with deep litter and battery cage system of keeping poultry
  2. mention the end products of digestion of protein, carbohydrates and fats and oil.
  3. State how housing is important in farm animals.
  4. give reasons for keeping goats
  5. state the differences between the digestive system of a goat and a chicken.
  6. state signs of heat in a sow.
  7. define digestion in farm animals
  8. name the management systems in farm animal production.
  9. state the uses of poultry eggs.
  10. name the parts of digestive system of pig.
  11. State the advantages of artificial insemination.

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