When the holidays are over, it’s important to remember that it’s still important to engage your young students. Preschoolers want to be heard and to be understood, and they need to know that you still have fun to share with them! As a parent, you can also model this behavior and help them understand that the holidays don’t mean the end of the fun.


There are many ideas for activities to engage your nursery students after the holidays. For example, you can create a mini-book where children write about their homes and where they play. Then, during the last half of the day, have them rotate to another classroom. This will keep their attention and keep them active throughout the lesson.


Imagination is a key part of learning and children develop their knowledge and skills through role-play. Imaginative play helps them recall experiences and explore new ones. It develops a child’s sense of curiosity and encourages them to engage in social play.


One way to engage nursery students after holidays is through music. There are a variety of musical activities that are fun and can help them understand the importance of rhythm and music. One activity allows students to make sounds with everyday objects, like spoons, bottles and jars. A related activity is to write down a single word that describes the song. This activity is especially useful for children who have already begun to understand the fundamentals of music.

Study tours

EF Education First, a consultancy that offers English-language training to Chinese students, has responded to this need with a series of study tours for parents and children. These tours include English lessons from native speakers, wine tasting and golfing, and other activities to help children learn a new language. The company generates most of its business from small agents and mothers who run public accounts on WeChat.

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Creating a holiday memory book

Creating a holiday memory book in the classroom is a great activity for students to share their experiences and opinions about the holiday season. This activity is fun for the entire class and can be a great morning work activity during holidays. It can also be used as a whole group activity, and can be easy to set up and prep for.

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